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New ten track Immaculate Fools album produced by Andy Ross – this is the CD version. Also available on vinyl

Listen up! Kevin celebrates his 70th birthday on the day of release and to celebrate the birthday boy himself will number and sign the first 100 copies ordered .

Listen up! Kevin cumplirá 70 anos le dia misma de salida de venta y  quiere celebrarlo con un regalo por los fans. Los 100 primeros ejemplares tanto de Cd, como de vinilo, llevarán algo muy especial….estarán numerados y firmados por el propio Kevin



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New Immaculate Fools album produced by Andy Ross – this is the CD version. Also available in top quality Vinyl. Tambien disponible en Vinilo format

Inner cover of the Immacualte Fools CD Stardust and Water


  1. tonto_inmaculado

    ” I definitely think that Stardust and Water is the best of your later albums. There is an autobiographical romantic, philosophical and geographical journey through life and it’s ups and downs,beginnings and endings quality that I really like. It’s almost like there are various characters all trying to find their way home but not knowing quite where that is.Hints of Lou reed in some of the lyrics and that’s certainly no bad thing ! The whole thing hangs together really well. There is a coherence of production, playing and songwriting that has a mature quality that gives it that authentic ring of truth. There are no jarring elements or dubious playing. It’s your album, you haven’t been driven off course with it and that means the message gets through. I also think that now you have the raw Dirty Ray vocal to call on that adds an extra dimension and versatility that maybe the early immaculate fools stuff didn’t have. Your voice sounds really good in both modes”. – Ben, Hay on Wye

  2. Thorsten Sommer (verified owner)

    I think the Album can be called another mans world in the same breath. The same strength and charisma. Feel 30 jears younger again. Thanks and greetings to Kevin and the Band.
    Greetings from Germany. Thorsten

  3. tonto_inmaculado

    I’ve followed the Immaculate Fools since the release of Immaculate Fools 7″ single and I think I managed to get everything they’ve released. This week I received both the fantastic box set and the brand new album. I am completely blown away by Stardust & Water. I was surprised at just how happy it made me, hearing Kevin and Andy reconnecting with their own musical past. As a musician myself, I understand the need to move forward and to make music that is true to the moment, and I truly hope that this album represents where the band are at now. Almost back to where they started. I was thinking about the heavily delayed guitar lines of Hearts of Fortune and then I get to Aliens… just wonderful! Stardust and Water has got to be Kevin’s Sgt. Pepper. The whole album is truly wonderful from start to finish, a work of genius. I hope there\’s plenty more from Kevin and Co. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all concerned with the creation of this album.
    Simon Levene, Oregon , USA

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