Paul Weatherill 1952-2020

A message from Kevin Raymond Weatherill

My brother Paul (right) and I at Woodhouse Farm 1990s

Some things are really hard to have to tell people – none more so than on this occasion. There is no easy way to do it. My brother Paul, founder member of the Immaculate Fools suffered a very nasty fall from a height three weeks ago. Despite being flown by helicopter to a London hospital and receiving the best care possible his injuries were far too serious for there to be a realistic chance of him recovering. But whilst there was any hope at all we decided to keep the terrible news within the family. Sadly no miracle occurred and Paul lost the struggle dying peacefully in hospital earlier today.

I know this will come as a terrible shock to many of the band’s fans as it has to his daughter Cassie and son Ben and our mother Sylvie. After a period of mourning and reflection we will to put together a proper tribute and celebration of Paul’s life.

Meantime the best we can all do is to think of the man doing what he loved and did so well – playing the bass.

Go pick your favourite classic track and play it loud.

Sleep easy Paul

Cambados, Galicia 17/08/2020
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